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Former EdTech Startup COO

& Google Program Lead

Politics, Technology and Culture Writer

and Pushcart Prize Nominated Poet



Slate: For Black Americans, Using Social Media Means Risking PTSD

Slate: Georgia Can Honor Ahmaud Arbery by Repealing Its Horrible Citizen’s Arrest Statute

The Hill: How Cory Booker's Failed Campaign Spurred Progress for Racial Justice 

Washington Post: The case for reparations begins with people like my great-great grandparents

VICE: 'Native Son' Proves How Little Has Changed for Black People in America

The Atlantic: Native Son Gets the James Baldwin Edit

Thrillist: How 'If Beale Street Could Talk' Shows the Power of Black Portraiture

Slate: Kamala Harris Is Going to Need a Better Answer for Questions About Her Prosecutorial Record

Slate: A Facebook Executive Moved to London to Protect Her Son From Police Brutality. Then Her Brother Was Tased to Death by Police.

The New Yorker: What Antwon Rose's Poetry Tells Us About Being Black in America

The Guardian: Sorry to Bother You, black Americans and the power and peril of code-switching

Complex: The Power of Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer Prize Win

Mic: Could this California bill start the next evolution of police reform?

Slate: On Being Black in the White Space of Yale.

Huffington Post: Lynching Didn't Disappear. It Just Evolved. 

Quartz: Martin Luther King Jr.'s final, lesser-known campaign is more relevant than ever

Blavity: Why We Vote: A Letter to My Nephew 

Huffington Post: A Black Passenger Saved My Flight from an Emergency Landing. Here's Why that Matters


Quartz: The Obamas’ stunning portraits are a testament to the importance of identity politics

Huffington Post: The Grammys’ Relationship With Hip-Hop Is America’s Relationship With Blackness

Huffington Post: A Letter To My Nephew, Born on Election Night

Huffington Post: The Dangers of Resisting

Essay & Op-Eds
A.T. was recently named a finalist in the Write Bloody book publishing contest and the Gold Line Press chapbook contest.


Triquarterly Review: American Math

The Missouri Review: What You Never Had (Poem of the Week selection) 

Interim Poetics: arrest the cops, what do you want to be for halloween, mr. wilson said

Southern Humanities Review: Affirmative Action Jackson (Print, Winter 2019)

Prelude Magazine: Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Print, Winter 2018)

Main Street Mag: Hip-Hop, A Still Life (Print, Spring 2018)


Main Street Mag: A Gyspy, Cab (Print, Spring 2018)


Storyscape Journal: Buzzfeed Bible


Radius Literary Magazine: Without Sun (2016 Pushcart Prize nominee)

Blunderbuss Magazine: asbestos

Blunderbuss Magazine: mouthfuls

Gravel Magazine: Off Beat

Juked Journal: A Spade, A Spade  

Mobius Magazine: Stutter Song

Rogue Agent Journal: This is How You Left Us



A.T. McWilliams is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. His essays have appeared in the New Yorker, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Slate, Mic, Complex, VICE and elsewhere. 

Moreover, A.T.'s poems have (or will soon) appear in Southern Humanities Review, the Missouri Review, Prelude Magazine, Main Street Mag, and elsewhere online. In 2016, A.T. received a nomination for the national Pushcart Prize for poetry. In 2019, A.T. was named a finalist in the Write Bloody book publishing contest.


If you're looking for a freelance writer,  interested in reviewing A.T.'s poetry manuscript or setting up time to chat, please reach out below.

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